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Some comments by Annie Ogilvie on her late father  Gordon Ogilvie
Dad was very involved in writing of local history in Canterbury and wrote many books and was HOD at St Andrews college for many years, involved as band master with the college pipe band and also wrote the Highland Piping society of Canterbury Jubilee History with Alex Thomson.
He was a very good and entertaining speaker and was called upon by the Scottish society and the Burns club to sometimes provide the Immortal Memory on Burns night on occasions over the years
I understand that maybe the Canterbury Burns club archives are at St Andrews college
I have a lot of my fathers archives with them already as well as he was a teacher there and also wrote their college history “High Flies the Cross”, but I wanted to share my father’s Burns material with you to maybe add to the rich tapestry of material you may already have down in Dunedin. To me it is great to keep alive some of my fathers prodigious work in many spheres of his varied interests and spread it around to the places where it may be continued to be appreciated or used in some way.
So I have the hard copies still with me at present and attach digital copies for your interest at the present time along with the letters he received from the Canterbury Burns club at that time. The early hand written speeches I have worked out the year based on references in the speech to Burns 205th birthday etc….
Annie Ogilvie


Apr 4 2001 NZ Scottish society, Saturday 27th January 2001 Immortal memory to Burns by Gordon Ogilvie (1)

Apr 4 2009 Canterbury Burns Club Friday 23rd January 2009- 250th Anniversary address- Gordon Ogilvie (1)