d) Red tape

Membership application form:

2018 Feb 26 Membership form 1127

Office bearers:
President: Royden Somerville

Vice-Presidents: Ann Barsby, Daphne Macleod

Patron: Jack McLeod

Treasurer: Francis Brodie

Assistant Treasurer: Murray Venables, B. Comm, ACA, ACIS

Official Piper: Raymond Goodfellow

Committee: Wayne Allen, Michael Moroney, Liam McIlvanney, Bruce Spittle, Debbie Williams

Contact committee member: Bruce Spittle , E-mail: spittle727@gmail.com


AGM  minutes:


.2018 AGM Minutes July 12 1705

Minutes of AGM 8th September 2017

Annual reports and newsletters with a review of the year’s activity:

2018 Newsletter May 2 1618 with a review of the Club’s activities in 2018

Annual report Dunedin Burns Club 2017

Annual report Dunedin Burns Club 2016

Annual report Dunedin Burns Club 2015

Annual report Dunedin Burns Club 2014

Annual Report Dunedin Burns Club 2013

Annual Report Dunedin Burns Club 2012

Dunedin Burns Club rules:


Dunedin Burns Club Rules Change 17 March 2013

Dunedin Burns Club Financial Statements:

Financial statements 2018

Financial Statements 2017

Financial statements, audited for 2015 and 2016, and final financial statement for the Scottish Festival 2014

Final financial statement for the Scottish Festival 2014

Financial Statements 2015

Financial Statements 2014

Financial Statements 2013

Financial Statements 2012
Financial Statements 2011
Financial Statements 2010
Financial Statements 2009
Financial Statements 2008
Financial Statements 2007
Financial Statements 2006

2 thoughts on “d) Red tape

  1. Greetings, Dunedin Burns Club!

    I’m trying to plan a once-in-a-lifetime holiday in NZ.

    I’m probably going to book one of those All-NZ Tours, which will include a couple of days in Dunedin.

    As someone who can trace connections to Rabbie, I’m obviously interested in Dunedin’s connections to our Scottish-Bard.

    Although my time in Dunedin will be very short, is there anything that you would recommend as a “Must-Visit” Location/Event?

    Many thanks,
    (NB:- I can trace my Ancestry back to James Burnes (b c1656, d 1743 & buried in Glenbervie, Kincardineshire), Rabbie’s Great-Grandfather)

    • There are a number of sites of interest. Some are noted in the report on the 2014 Scottish Festival on the Red Tape page.

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